Virtual Terminal (VT)

Quick and Easy for MOTO Merchants

Sign in to our Backoffice and access our Virtual Terminal from the menu. Now you can accept card payments over the phone and get real-time authorisations after filling in the cardholder's details.

Our Virtual Terminal can be used as a 'stand alone' facility for MOTO merchants.

Product Features

One page Virtual Terminal: Enter Order details and Billing details (card info and cardholder's address and contact) to initiate a payment

Real-time Payment Response: Receive payment result (Approved or Declined) as well as the Declined Reason

Order Details: Fields for entering Website, Order #, Currency and Amount

Billing Details: Fields for entering Card number, Card expiry and Card Security Code (3 digit CVV/CSV) and cardholder's name, address and contact

Shipping and Tax: Optional fields making up the sale

Internet Merchant Account

Globill Payment Gateway

Virtual Terminal

Application Programming Interface (API)

Globill Hosted Payment Page

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