Hosted Payment Pages (HTML Redirect)

Initiate an Online Payment from a Button or Link

Our secure Hosted Payment Pages is a quick and easy way to integrate payments into your webshop. You simply create a HTML form to post parameters that describe the purchase.

Not only is it the simplest way to integrate payments into your shop, it's also fully flexible - sell your products or services how it best suits you. We cover seven examples in our Checkout Demos pages. Merchants, Apply now to get immediate access to this via your free Soapbox (test) account.

Product Features and Benefits

Simplicity: Secure access to API for authenticated users. Authentication parameters being WebsiteID and Password.

Full Functionality: It enables you to offer any of the payment methods offered by Globill for your customers to pay via the web or phone. We also support payments for member sites (once-off and recurring).

Payment Request: fields that you post to our HPP can be categorized as follows:

  1. Merchant fields (all fields mandatory)
  2. Order fields (all fields optional except amount)
  3. Billing address (all fields optional)
  4. Shipping address (all fields optional)
  5. Payment information (all fields optional)
  6. UI fields (all fields optional)
  7. Processing flow fields (all fields optional)

Instant Payment Notifications (IPN): you have the option to use our IPN service for maximum control of your payment process.



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Globill Hosted Payment Page

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