Credit and Debit card Payments worldwide

Selling into a Global Marketplace

As part of your strategy for success as an online vendor, you no doubt understand the importance of serving customers on a global scale.

Globill provides cross-border transaction processing, seemlessly so that you can sell your products or services into a global market place with ease.


Card Types and other Payment Methods

We have solutions to process the following types of credit and debit cards.

  • Visa (credit and most debit cards)
  • MasterCard (credit and most debit cards)
  • American Express (AMEX) - certain solutions only
  • China Union Pay (CUP) - certain solutions only
  • JCB - certain solutions only

In addition we can provide, enable and simplify the implementation of International Wire (SWIFT) Transfers and Check21 for your web shop.


International Merchant Accounts

Accepting applications from 228 countries (roll your mouse over the flag):

Globill provides solutions to merchants world-wide. There's no need to re-incorporate in a paricular country or region for acceptance. Applications from merchants incorporated offshore are welcome.

Payouts to merchants can be effected into almost any bank, worldwide.


High Volume Merchant Accounts

Almost all domestic merchant accounts will be set up with volume limits in place. We offer solutions which cater specifically to merchants who typically process large monthly sales volumes. Limits that are set on each of our accounts will not impose any volume restrictions.


Offshore Payment Processing

International banking institutions loosen up their constraints to the more liberal international rules of commerce, rules which should allow you to operate your business legally and securely within the parameters of the credit card companies' terms of service.


Multi-Currency Support

We can process and settle in 21 currencies:

  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USD
  • AED
  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • CNY
  • DKK
  • HKD
  • JPY
  • KRW
  • INR
  • ILS
  • SEK
  • SGD
  • TRL
  • TWD
  • NOK
  • RUB
  • ZAR