All in One Payment Solution

Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

Globill provides an Internet Merchant Account and Payment Gateway in an all-in-one solution.

Be up and running accepting payments with little hassle. New merchants would start either by applying online or by completing our 2 page application form in Acrobat Reader.

Setting up your account to accept payments on your website(s) is straight forward and clearly explained in our documents, with plenty of demos.

There are no banking gateways to set up, no dealing with the card issuing bank nor the card acquiring banks - our admin team takes care of this on your behalf.

Software as a Service (SaaS) leases services in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) available on our Application Services Platform, Media Services Platform and an e-Commerce Shopping, Subscription and Payments Services Platform. These platforms allow you to deploy or extend your online services simply and quickly in the broad areas of:

  • Membership websites Subscriptions for online content
  • Subscriptions for physically dispatched goods (for example magazines)
  • Payment gateway for a 'checkout' process
  • Selling tangible physical goods
  • Selling downloadable electronic content
  • Selling in multiple currencies
  • Selling access to digital media content
  • Digital media (streaming and downloadable video) hosting, encoding, delivery, protection, live and on demand broadcasting

Please contact us should you like to discuss this further.

Financial and Technology Partners

Our strategic affiliations and partnerships developed over the years with a wide range of stable financial insitutions and leading technology and security companies worldwide, enable us to provide you with fully-integrated, value-added solutions to support your online shop, auction, mall, business, call centre, your service offering, your subscription-based website, your media-rich websites, and many other kinds of e-commerce websites and businesses.

Our Partners (alphabetical order):