Transparent and Highly Competitive Fees

Fees and terms are determined for each merchant individually. They are based on the best rates we can secure from our financial partners. You can be assured that we diligently keep our fees as low as possible.

"Globill.net offers the lowest fees and best terms for high risk". We can beat any genuine offer you present to us, from anywhere in the world.

General Details

Gateway Globill.net
Some of the Industries we serve
  • general e-commerce
  • nutraceuticals
  • replica goods
  • subscriptions
  • travel
  • gaming
  • online pharmacy
  • marijuana and seeds
  • forex trading
  • file hosting/sharing
Payment methods offered
  • Credit/Debit cards:Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, CUP, JCB
  • Check21 (US drawn cheques)
  • SEPA and International Transfers
Applications available
  • Merchant Account
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Hosted payment page
  • Direct API
  • Virtual Terminal

Fees Table

Factors such as volume, length of time in business and industry type determine the actual fees and terms offered. That is why we have provided a range below.

Detail From To
Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) 3.5% 7.5%
Per Transaction $0.20 $1.20
Refund $0.40 $4.00
Dispute* $25.00 $40.00
Chargeback* $25.00 $40.00
Setup $140.00 $500.00
Admin & Handling $0.00 $100.00
Wire Transfer $25.00 $85.00
Settlement delay 4 days 12 days
Reserve Holdback (6 months) 0 10%

* Not applicable to check21

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