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Globill's Secure Payment Gateway

An Internet Payment Gateway can be thought of as a virtual Point Of Sale terminal. It's a necessity for any merchant wanting to process their customer's credit card payments. Payment gateways facilitate the transfer of credit card information from the merchant's website to the payment processor or acquiring bank in a safe and secure manner.

After the customer has finished shopping at your web shop they can pay for their order by filling in and submitting their card details. These details are sent securely to the gateway and a response of whether the payment was successful or declined is returned within a few seconds.

Our payment processing solutions are compliant with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ensures that customer's confidential data is protected and the risks of fraud are reduced considerably.

Today the adherence to PCI DSS is mandatory for banks, processors, financial organisations and established merchants working with payment brands.

Product Features

Fast and reliable processing: High availability and system reliability. Receive payment responses in real-time within 3 seconds.

Fully secure: Merchant authentication, Secure data transmission (SSL encrypted)

Recurring Payments: Supporting trial and recurring billing for membership sites and subscription type businesses

Fraud Prevention:Configurable parametrs including: Behavior analysis, CVV2 Geo-location checks, Cross checking of customer bamk country and IP, 3D Secure payments, Customer Limits, Other internal fraud scrubbing modules

Transaction reporting: Filters and Date Ranges

Statistics reporting: Daily, Weekly and Monthly trends

Payout statements and reporting: Detail breakdown per week

Manual refunds: Supporting full and partial refunds

Dispute and chargeback management: Challenge disputes, refund disputes before they become a chargeback

Payment Confirmations: Configurable alerts (email) to customers and merchants

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